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Prayer for Holiness

IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY, perfect model of sanctity, take my soul and mold it according to Your sublime perfections. Purify my heart and set it free from every obstacle to holiness, so that detached from self and the pleasures of sense, You may adorn it with the virtues and perfection of “YOUR OWN IMMACULATE HEART”. Then lead my soul to that divine intimacy which alone can satisfy the immense capacity for love and union with which God has created the human heart. From You I confidently hope for this grace of holiness, and I entrust my eternal destiny to “YOUR IMMACULATE HEART.” Amen. SUPPLICATION FOR SINNERS “0 Lord Jesus, when I reflect upon the words which Thou hast uttered: ‘Many are called, but few are chosen,’ I fear and tremble for those I love, and I beg Thee to look upon them with mercy; and behold, with an infinite tenderness, Thou dost place their salvation in my hands, for everything is assured to him who knows how to suffer with Thee and for Thee. My heart bleeds under the weight of affliction, but my will remains united to Thine, and I cry out to Thee: Lord it is for them that I want to suffer. . . I wish to mingle my tears with Thy Precious Blood for the salvation of those I love! Thou wilt not turn a deaf ear to my sorrowful cry. . . and Thou wilt save them.”

–“I was seven years old when my Jesus taught me this prayer, and ever since, I say it every day.”–Marie-Rose Ferron to Rev. Emile Leonard – Jan 2, 1930 Imprimatur Albertus Valois, P.A. Vicar General, Montreal, Nov. 8, 1943 INTRODUCTIQN TO THE LITANY The Charism in Rose’s book are treated separately, but her virtues are not. They are interwoven in her life and are not treated in the abstract, but in a concrete form. For that reason some cannot see them, especially the readers who are completely absorbed in the external manifestations of her spiritual life, but the reader who loves and seeks living and concrete virtue sees them in her Charism as well as in her daily life. For instance, in Rose’s ecstasies Mrs. Evans saw the outward expression of her Union with God. In the Contemplative State ecstasy supposes Union which means not only purity of soul, but a complete surrender of the soul to God’s holy Will. She saw in her stigmatization, the outward expression of her Victim soul, the compendium of all virtues. In reading “She Wears a Crown of Thorns” for the first time, all the virtues of Rose’s daily life appeared to Mrs. Evans. She saw her patience, her spirit of forgiveness, her kindness, her piety, her faith and her trust in God, etc. etc.; they appeared to her so clearly that she strung them up before her own eyes, ,or rather she fanned them out in a litany to invoke her in their name. This prayer will be of some use to all, if in reading the marvels of Rose’s mystical life they lose sight of her virtues.