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Little Rose Ferron A Story to be Known

Little Rose Ferron A Story to be Known

Marie Rose Ferron Suffering

Marie Rose Ferron, suffered in mind and body for many years, and finally had peace of soul when on May 11, 1936 at

Little Rose Ferron

Marie Rose Ferron

10 AM standard Time, after the prayers of the dying had been said, her soul departed, and went to the Jesus that she so loved. So much has been written about rose. After approximately 80 years the story of Marie rose Ferron once again comes to the forefront and causes us to take another look at this beautiful soul. Little Rose as she was called, not only suffered in life. She also suffered in death, by Bishops who claim that she is a fraud, denying all the cures that took place and still are taking place today through her intercession. Our hope is in this year of 2017, once again, to raise awareness of this wonderful soul. We are hopeful because a postulator has taken interest in Rose, in order to bring attention of her life and death to the proper ecclesiastical authorities. We know in our hearts and minds. Marie Rose Ferron is a saint. In creating a new Board for the “Little Rose Foundation” and being willing to pursue any and all avenues to make as many people aware of Little Rose, ecclesiastical officials will see that it’s time to open her cause. Much information has been given to the authorities of Providence, and Rome.

Through Rose’s intercession, much has been received from heaven, as she continues to cooperate with her Jesus to grant the petitions of those who call upon her. Her memory will never die.
If interested in getting to know more about Little Rose, the story of her life, the book, “She Wears A Crown Of Thorns“, Written by her spiritual director Father O.A. Boyer, S.T.L. , can be gotten on
Get to know her and pray to her and see how active she is from heaven.
This year is a year of hope, that things will be happening in a positive way.
It is our mission to proclaim to the world, this beautiful soul who received not only the wounds in her hands feet and side, but also the Crown of Thorns.
On Good Friday afternoon around three o’clock while in ecstasy she would go through the passion and would straighten her arms out as though upon the cross, and after suffering so much a doctor would have to be present in order to put her arms back into the sockets. In order for them to be stretched out, they would have to be dislocated from their socket.
Marie Rose Ferron is truly an American Saint. It unfortunate that many in the Church fail to see it.
With a new Director, and a new Board, and the new programs lined up for the promotion of Little Rose this year is truly a Year of hope. Pray for our success in letting the world know about our Sister Marie Rose Ferron (Little Rose).
May Little Rose continue to smile upon you. See this video for more information of Little Rose’s life.

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