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Little Rose at the Age of Three, Had a liking for St. Anthony of Padua

Little Rose Ferron Knew of Him at the Young Age of Three Years Old

Did you know that little rose at the age of three, she had a liking for St. Anthony of Padua. If something was lost in the house. She would claim the privilege of invoking St. Anthony and with his help, she would always find that which

Little Rose

Little Rose’s Family

was lost.
When she was about three had a vision where she saw the child Jesus, “I saw him,” she said, “with the cross, he was looking at me with grief in his eyes. He asked me if I would help him carry his cross.”
At the age of eight, she was able to hear and understand the sermon during intermission. At the age of 10, she made her first holy Communion. At the age of 12 she realize how poor. Her parents were so she went looking for job. Rose worked for about 12 months taking care of the lawyers children.
On one of her three days. She volunteered to take her father’s supper to him. She missed her trolley and began to walk. Walking both ways getting caught in the spring rain. She became ill and had to remain in bed. When she recovered her right hand and left foot were paralyzed. Now she had to use crutches to get around.
During the mass one day she experienced such excruciating pain that she couldn’t wait to go home. After the mass, as she always did, she extended her hand to dip it into the holy water font, all of a sudden, when her hand it the holy water her hand opened up . and all her as myself. Pain left her. Rose was then 15.
In 1925. Rose came to a Woonsocket, and by that time she could no longer walk and was confined to her bed. It was a sad life, one of a full suffering and loneliness. Father John told her the art of suffering, and she became a mystical victim.
From Father Gauthier , she learned to suffer. Father Gauthier said, “although she cried often, she was never discouraged.
Rose in her own words said, “when I was 17. One summer day, as the windows were opened, I heard someone not chattering and laughing down below. I leaned forward to see what was going on. There were a number of girls of my age. My friends and sisters with their they were all dressed up in their Sunday clothes and leaving for church.
I heard them laugh. From my window and chatter and joke. The light that bubbled from those young girls seem to be the best the world could give, and when I contrast their condition with minds. I was literally crushed. I saw myself miserable destitute, and godforsaken. I thought of my infirmities of my crutches. I was heartbroken. I wept bitterly. Oh, if you only knew how I felt.”
There is so much more you should know about Little Rose. You should purchase the book, “She Wears A Crown of Thorns.” Written by her spiritual director. You can purchase it on
If you receive any gifts of healing, and physical. Please do not hesitate to put them on paper have been notarized and send them to the foundation.

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