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Letter from the Director

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We apologize for not having our website up and running. Circumstances beyond our control have prevented it from happening. We encourage you to send in your notarized testimonies to the Foundation and not to the Bishop’s office It is important for you to know that we at the Foundation are working very hard to keep you informed through our Newsletter, which is free for the asking.

The Foundation and not the Bishop’s office will be the primary holding place, in order to prevent loss or misplacement as has occurred in the past.

Novenas are free for the asking. Any help that you may need to start a Little Rose prayer cell, or if you wish to receive the book ”She Wears a Crown of Thorns”, Holy Hour booklets, etc. we are here for you, to help you come to know more fully the life of Marie Rose Ferron (Little Rose). At the same time you will be better equipped to promote our sister Little Rose.

We have been in touch with Bishop Tobin of Rhode Island and respectfully requested him to open the cause of Marie Rose Ferron. The answer is always the same, not enough information to merit opening the cause. Of course we know otherwise. That is why I ask you to notarize your healing or cure testimonies and have you doctors do the same. Make copies for yourself and send the originals to the Foundation for posterity. Be assured they will not be misplaced or lost as we have been told by the Bishop’s office. We have also been told that they never received any documents concerning Little Rose. We know this is not true. Please pray that God will soften the hearts of those in power, to look into Rose’s case with their spiritual eyes so that the Holy Spirit may help them to know the truth about Marie Rose Ferron (Little Rose) the Stigmatized Ecstatic of Woonsocket Rhode Island. Too much time, too much doubt, and too much misinformation has caused this Holy Child of God to be placed upon a shelf and forgotten by Holy Mother The Church. That is why we must intensify our commitment to promote our sister Little Rose to all we come in contact with. If you have family and friends in  this country or  other parts of the world, if you would give us their names and addresses, the Foundation will send them the News Letter and novenas to let them know about Marie Rose Ferron (little Rose).


Your brother in Christ,

Emanuel Guerra
Editor/Computer Coordinator
Marie Rose Ferron “Little Rose” Foundation

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